Frequently Asked Questions

This information may help answer some of your questions.

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How do we get a date reserved?

Your date is reserved by paying 50% of the total expected cost of your event. The total expected cost is determined by the Package you choose, along with any options, and the applied sales tax. Two weeks prior to your event we'll review your requirements and make adjustments as needed (plus or minus) before you pay your balance.

How is clean up handled after our event?

Cedar Ridge takes care of the clean up after your event. If there are decorations or other items remaining, we will collect and hold them so they can be picked up the next day.

What caterers can we use?

You are welcome to use any caterer or other vendor you choose.

Is there someplace for the Wedding Party to get ready?

There are two indoor dressing rooms reserved for you as part of any Wedding Package.

Do we include small children as part of our guest count when planning an event?

The number of people at your event will include any children that will use seating. You also need to include everyone in the wedding party in your guest count.

Can we bring our own alcohol?

Due to our insurance regulations and Indiana Alcohol licensing regulations, no one is allowed to bring any alcohol onto the premises.

How does the Reception Bar Service work?

The Premium Bar Service provides bar area set-up, licensing, and bartender to serve wine and draft beer to your guests. This is included as part of a Reception or Ceremony and Reception Package.

What if the weather is threatening?

Wedding Reception areas are tented to protect you and your guests from foul weather. If it looks like rain as the time approaches for a Ceremony, we can move the Ceremony location into the Reception tent. If a light shower pops up, another option some people choose is to delay the Ceremony until it blows over.

What kind of restroom facilities are available?

There is an air conditioned/heated restroom trailer centrally located on the Cedar Ridge property, with separate Men's and Women's restrooms, RV style flush toilets,and sinks.