Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Your outdoor wedding ceremony in the beautiful, peaceful atmosphere of Cedar Ridge will be a memorable event. Select a ceremony location in a wooded area, next to the lake, a grape arbor, or overlooking a hillside. Seating for your guests, a trellis, and other decorative items are all part of the package.

Your day at Cedar Ridge can begin at 9:00am to prepare and decorate. You and your guest are welcome to stay for a period of three hours after the start of the Ceremony. You are welcome to use any of the garden or woods areas for your photos during that time. We also invite you to arrange for rehearsal time.

To be sure that everything runs smoothly, Cedar Ridge includes on-site venue coordination of your wedding event while you are at Cedar Ridge. Our goal is to be sure you are happy, so please ask if there is anything we can provide that is not listed.

Features: Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

The Wedding Ceremony package includes the following:

-Choice of Ceremony locations
-Ceremony seating for your guests
-Wedding Party dressing rooms
-Your day can begin at 9:00am at Cedar Ridge.
-Your event ends three hours after the start of the Ceremony
-Rehearsal time, as arranged
-On-site venue coordinator
-Use of available decorative ceremony items
-Use of entire garden area for photos
-Tented area in case of weather concerns

Prices: Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

(Include the wedding party and guests to determine the number of people)

 Up to 75 people-$1050
 76 - 100 people-$1095
 101 - 125 people-$1170
 126 - 150 people-$1220
 151 - 175 people-$1315
 176 - 200 people-$1355
 201 - 225 people-$1425
 226 - 250 people-$1495

Ceremony Options:

 Dual Speaker P.A. Sound system to connect laptop/tablet, phone, microphone-$175
 Portable sound system to connect laptop/tablet, phone, microphone-$55
 Electronic Keyboard with stand-$45