Outdoor Wedding Reception

A beautiful outdoor reception at Cedar Ridge in a private natural setting is the perfect way to celebrate your wedding day with your family and friends. White tenting with lighting covers the reception area. Seating and dining tables with white tablecloths are provided and set up for you and your guests. A Cake table, a Gift table and Buffet serving tables are included, with white tablecloths and skirting.

Your day at Cedar Ridge can begin at 9:00am to prepare and decorate, and you can stay until 12:00 midnight. A venue coordinator will work with you or your planner the day of your Reception to keep things running smoothly. We encourage you to select any vendors that fit your style and budget. Choose your favorite caterer and we will work with them. Cedar Ridge takes care of the venue clean-up after your event.

Cedar Ridge Premium Bar Service is included as part of the Reception package, providing the bar area set-up, licensing, Beverage cups and bartenders to serve beer and/or wine pre-purchased from Cedar Ridge.

All of these items are included as part of the Wedding Reception Package. If there is something you would like your reception to include that is not listed as part of the package or as an available option, please let us know.

Reception Options Available: Cedar Ridge can provide a sound system that can be used with a laptop/tablet, phone, and microphone. An electronic keyboard is also available.

Features: Outdoor Wedding Reception

The Outdoor Wedding Reception package includes the following:

-Tenting to cover reception dining area and food serving area, with tent lighting.
-All chairs and tables for your guests
-White tablecloths for all of the tables
-You can begin your day as early as 9:00am at Cedar Ridge.
-Your event time ends at 12:00 Midnight
-Cake table, Gift table, and Food Service tables
-Wedding Party Dressing Rooms
-Use of entire garden area for entertaining and photos
-Premium Bar Service for beer and wine
-On-site venue coordinator the day of your event
-Cedar Ridge takes care of the venue clean-up.

Prices: Outdoor Wedding Reception

(Include the wedding party and guests to determine the number of people)

 Up to 75 people-$2700
 76 - 100 people-$3000
 101 - 125 people-$3250
 126 - 150 people-$3490
 151 - 175 people-$3780
 176 - 200 people-$4060
 201 - 225 people-$4350
 226 - 250 people-$4670

Reception Options:

 - Dual Speaker P.A. Sound system, connects to laptop/tablet/phone and microphone-$175
 - Portable sound system to connect to laptop/tablet, phone, and microphone-$55
 - Electronic Keyboard with stand-$45
 - Large Charcoal Grill-$45